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Acoustic covering and carpets
Reverberation is a sound phenomenon that is produced by the reflection of sound. It is most noticeable when the source of the sound has already stopped and can no longer be heard. In larger spaces, reverberation of sound can continue to a more or less even way for a long time. Especially in large spaces where one has used large, hard surfaces in materials such as glass, polished concrete and metal, reverberation can hinder a pleasant stay.

There are many possibilities to prevent this phenomenon. One option is covering the walls and/or ceilings with sound absorbing materials, which can be hidden with decorative upholstery fabrics.
When used correctly, absorbent materials can highly improve the acoustic comfort. Basotect is such an acoustic absorbent material in our assortment with a M1 fireproof rating.

We also have sound absorbing carpets of high quality standards on offer, which improve the acoustic comfort of a space. Carpets reduce contact sounds in general with 20 to 30 decibels. With Soundmaster® carpets, one can lower this to an extra 10 decibels in comparison to the standard value.
Acoustic covering and carpets