Himpe Desmet

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Soft floor covering
Floor coverings have to stand hard usage in the hospitality sector. Therefore, we focus on the combination of attractive patterns and designs with true durability in our carpets. Our products meet with all functional demands and add great look and feel to your interior.

At Himpe Desmet we belief that guest rooms should emanate a peaceful atmosphere and offer an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation for visitors trying to escape from the outer world. With our fine-looking and comfortable floor covering and carpets, you can doubtlessly obtain this result.

Our range of products includes a varied assortment of standard production quality carpets, but we also supply high end Axminster and Wilton floor covering. Carpets designed and manufactured to measure are also available.

Wall covering

Wall covering is an excellent decorative material to create atmosphere and charm in an interior. The choice of the fabric and a careful finish determine to a large extend the final quality of a room.

Our assortment includes a wide range of high quality wall covering and paper, in which the applied structure, the kind of fabric, and the colours, add as it were a fourth dimension to your space.
Soft floor covering